List of Viceroys of India and their Contribution

Many questions may be asked related to the list of viceroys of india and their contribution so reading this pdf can be very beneficial for you to achieve better marks. Here we have provided here a complete list so that you all can easily learn the chronology as well as their contribution.

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List of Regulatory Bodies in India and its Present Chairman

Over here we have provided you all the well known regulatory bodies of India and its present chairman for your quick revision as because this list is quite dynamic in nature and keeps on changing and so it is very important for you to update your knowledge on regular basis.

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List of Branches of Biology and their Meaning

Dear aspirants at times you get confused when it comes to knowing about Biology and the list of branches along with its meaning, hence we have provided here a complete list which is very easy to understand and are crucial for competitive exam preparation. So keep reading this pdf to boost your knowledge and secure more marks.

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List of Parliament Names of Different Countries

Dear folks just like we are having two houses that is Lok sabha & Rajya sabha similarly other countries are also having the same so let us go through this list of parliament as at times you may have come across few questions related to it. So in order to boost your preparation for the upcoming exams you must read this pdf daily.

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Top 101 Current Affairs - June 2018

Hello Aspirants,

Here we have provided almost all the important current affairs for the month of June 2018 in PDF. This is one of the important section for any competitive examination where you can increase your score and that too in less time. You can practice this Current Affairs set and prepare yourself to score better in all competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, WBCS, Railway etc. Click here to Download!

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List of International Organizations and their Headquarters and Heads

Dear young and dynamic folks those who are aspiring to crack the various competitive exams may find the list of international organizations and their headquarters and heads in the pdf mentioned below.

As you all know that these organizations play an eloquent role in world affairs making mass influence on countries, laws and even on global prices,hence kindly go through this important topic and download it to enhance your general awareness skill.

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List of Important Wars and Battles in Indian History

Dear aspiring candidates, the following PDF specifies the number of battles and wars that took place in India and how it has left a huge impact on the country's cultural and linguistic ethos.

The G. K portion of competitive exams are extensively based on the questions related to this important topic and it is very easy to achieve good numbers in it only if you pay a little bit of attention.

So, download this list to polish yourself from time to time and come through with flying colours!

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List of International Boundary Lines

Dear aspirants, those of you who thrive on acing competitive exams year after year may have come across a question or two about national and international boundary lines.

You can only expect to score well in the general awareness portion only when you are aware of the list of all important boundary lines.

As we all know that the line which demarcates any two countries is labelled as a boundary line. And, as it is not very difficult to memorize it so do download the PDF mentioned below and get started!

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