General Knowledge Questions & Answers 

Why General Knowledge Questions is Important?

General Knowledge is an important aspect of competitive exams as most of the questions are dedicated to it and which also carries a high weightage of marks. During personal interview session one need to face a lot of GK related questions hence one must have a sound knowledge of it. GK questions helps a candidate to enhance academic knowledge to a great level.

Where can I get General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers?

Prepadda covers a section which is repository of a lot of quiz questions related to General Knowledge. These are an important set of questions and answers with explanation compiled mainly for aspirants dreaming to achieve a position in UPSC, Civil service, Railways, SSC and others.

Where can I get General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions and Answers?

General knowledge multiple choice questions's are a great fun for all, hence you can test your skill by solving the following test series. Prepadda provides you a collection of an important set of mcq’s from various fields. So practising these set of questions will not only enhance your Gk skills but will also create a superb online learning experience for you.

Where can I get latest General Knowledge (gk) Questions in India?

Prepadda publishes relevant General Knowledge questions for competitive exam preparation and interview sessions. So practice these latest GK quiz sets to find which section you need to focus more. Tackling all the test you should develop a good understanding of the incidents occuring in India and an excellent base in GK is essential for clearing any exam.