Important Abbreviations Quiz : General Knowledge 

Dear aspiring candidates if you have observed the trend for the past competitive exams you will find that a couple of questions based on Abbreviations have always been asked and so our team has provided an important compilation of Abbreviations in the form of quiz questions to nurture your knowledge towards General Knowledge. Practicing them daily and reading the answers thoroughly will help you to upgrade your marks for sure.

1.What is the full form of "AIDS"?
 A. Asian Institute of Defense Sector
 B. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
 C. Artifical Intelligence Development System
 D. Assesment on Insurance Deficit System
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2.What is the full form of "BCC"?
 A. Business Credit Corporation
 B. Blind Carbon Copy
 C. Basic Code for Communication
 D. Bureau of Credit Conversion
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3.What is the full form of "CBI"?
 A. Central Bureau of Investigation
 B. Crime Bureau of Investigation
 C. Central Board of Investigation
 D. Central Bribe Investigation
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4.What is full form of "PNG"?
 A. Portable Natural Graphics
 B. Portable Network Graph
 C. Pretty Network Graphics
 D. Portable Network Graphics
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5.What is full form of “HTTP”?
 A. High Text Transfer Protocol
 B. Hyper Text Transfer Procedure
 C. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
 D. Hyper Typo Transfer Protocol
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6.What is full form of “WWW”?
 A. World Wide Web
 B. World Whole Web
 C. Web World Wide
 D. Web World Whole
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7.What is the full form of "VIRUS"?
 A. Various Information Resources Under Stage
 B. Vital Information Resources Under Siege
 C. Various Information Resource Unlimited Storage
 D. Vital Images Reviews Universal Studios
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8.What is the full form of "WHO"?
 A. Wide Health Organisation
 B. World Health Organisation
 C. World History Organisation
 D. World Heritage Organisation
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