Average Questions and Answers

1.The average of 9 numbers is 30. The average of first 5 numbers is 25 and that of the last 3 numbers is 35. What is the 6th number?
 A. 20
 B. 30
 C. 40
 D. 50
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2.The average monthly income of A and B is Rs. 14000, that of B and C is Rs. 15600 and A and C is Rs. 14400. The monthly income of C is:
 A. Rs. 16000
 B. Rs. 15000
 C. Rs. 14000
 D. Rs. 15500
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3.Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and also thrice the third. If the average of the three numbers is 44, the largest number is:
 A. 24
 B. 72
 C. 36
 D. 108
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4.The average of marks of 14 students was calculated as 71. But it was later found that the marks of one student had been wrongly entered as 42 instead of 56 and of another as 74 instead of 32. The correct average is:
 A. 67
 B. 68
 C. 69
 D. 70
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5.A cricketer whose bowling average is 24.85, runs per wicket, takes 5 wickets for 52 runs and there by decreases his average by 0.85. The number of wickets taken by him till the last match was:
 A. 64
 B. 72
 C. 80
 D. 96
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6.The average of marks of 28 students in Mathematics was 50; 8 students left the school, then this average increased by 5. What is the average of marks obtained by the students who left the school?
 A. 37.5
 B. 42.5
 C. 45
 D. 50.5
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7.The average age of 14 girls and their teacher's age are 15 years. If the teacher's age is excluded, the average reduces by 1. What is the teacher's age?
 A. 29 years
 B. 30 years
 C. 32 years
 D. 35 years
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8.A company produces an average of 4000 items per month for the first 3 months. How much items, it must produce on an average per month over the next 9 months to average 4375 items per month over the whole year?
 A. 4500
 B. 4600
 C. 4680
 D. 4710
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