1.p is six times as large as q. The percent that q is less than p, is :
 A. 16\frac{1}{2}
 B. 60
 C. 83\frac{1}{3}
 D. 90
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2.If two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% of a third number, what is the percentage of the first number to the second?
 A. 10
 B. 20
 C. 30
 D. 40
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3.A sum of Rs. 4558 is divided among A, B and C such that A receives 20% more than C, and C receives 25% less than B. What is A's share in the amount?
 A. Rs. 1548
 B. Rs. 1720
 C. Rs. 1290
 D. Rs. 1345
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4.The digit at unit place of a two-digit number is increased by 100% and the digit at ten places of the same number is increased by 50%. The new number thus formed is 19 more than the original number. What is the original number?
 A. 22
 B. 63
 C. 24
 D. None of these
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5.The owner of a boutique decides to calculate the per centage of customers who purchase hats. If 40 per cent of the store’s customers decide to purchase items, and of those customers 15 percent purchase hats, then what per cent of the store’s customers purchase hats ?
 A. 4%
 B. 6%
 C. 15%
 D. 24%
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6.Groundnut oil is now being sold at Rs. 27 per kg. During last month its cost was Rs. 24 per kg. Find by how much % a family should reduce its consumption, so as to keep the expenditure same.
 A.  11\frac{1}{9}\%
 B. 11\frac{1}{11}\%
 C. 11\frac{9}{10}\%
 D. 9\frac{1}{10}\%
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7.10% of the inhabitants of a village having died of cholera, a panic set in, during which 25% of the remaining inhabitants left the village. The population is then reduced to 4050. Find the number of original inhabitants.
 A. 5000
 B. 6000
 C. 7000
 D. 8000
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8.Chunilal invests 65% in machinery, 20% in raw material and still has Rs. 1,305 cash with him. Find his total investment.
 A. Rs. 6500
 B. Rs. 7225
 C. Rs. 8500
 D. None of these
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