1.A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 1008 in 2 years and Rs. 1164 in 3½ years. Find the rate % p.a.
 A. 13%
 B. 14%
 C. 12\frac{1}{2}\%
 D. 15%
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2.A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 720 after 2 years and to Rs. 1,020 after a further period of 5 years. Find the sum and the rate %.
 A. Rs. 500, 10%
 B. Rs. 600, 10%
 C. Rs. 500, 12%
 D. Rs. 600, 12%
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3.A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 4 years Had it been put at 2% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs. 56 more. Find the sum.
 A. Rs. 500
 B. Rs. 600
 C. Rs. 700
 D. Rs. 800
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4.In how many minimum number of complete years, the interest on Rs. 212.50 P at 3% per annum will be in exact number of rupees?
 A. 6
 B. 8
 C. 9
 D. 7
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5.A milk man borrowed Rs. 2,500 from two money lende For one loan, he paid 5% p.a. and for the other, he paid 7% p.a. The total interest paid for two years was Rs. 275. How much did he borrow at 7% rate?
 A. Rs. 600
 B. Rs. 625
 C. Rs. 650
 D. Rs. 675
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6.What annual instalment will discharge a debt of Rs. 4,200 due in 5 years at 10% simple interest?
 A. Rs. 500 per year
 B. Rs. 600 per year
 C. Rs. 700 per year
 D. Rs. 800 per year
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7.Adam borrowed some money at the rate of 6% p.a. for the first two years, at the rate of 9% p.a. for the next three years, and at the rate of 14% p.a. for the period beyond five years. If he pays a total interest of Rs. 11,400 at the end of nine years, how much money did he borrow?
 A. Rs. 10,000
 B. Rs. 12,000
 C. Rs. 14,000
 D. Rs. 16,000
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8.A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?
 A. Rs. 35
 B. Rs. 245
 C. Rs. 350
 D. Cannot be determined
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