8th August 2017 - 3rd Shift 

51.Which one is the largest among the fractions (5/113), (7/120), (13/145) and (17/160)?
 A. 5/113
 B. 7/120
 C. 13/145
 D. 17/160
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52.Nirmit can do 2/3 of a job in 18 days. Kashish is twice as efficient as Nirmit. In how many days Kashish will complete the job?
 A. 29/4
 B. 27/2
 C. 31/2
 D. 13/2
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53.40 men took a dip in a pool 30 m long and 25 m broad. If the average water displaced by a man is 5 m 3, then what will be the rise (in cm) in level of the
 A. 25
 B. 26.66
 C. 27.33
 D. 28
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54.An article is listed at Rs 2375. A man purchases it at two successive discounts of 50% and 25% and spends Rs 165 on repairing of article. If he sells the article at a profit of 62.5%, then what is the selling price (in Rs) of the article?
 A. 1467.6
 B. 1492.6
 C. 1715.39
 D. 1467.6
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55.The length, breadth and height of a cuboid are in the ratio 19 : 11 : 13. If length is 30 cm more than height, then what is the volume (in cm3) of this cuboid?
 A. 81510
 B. 89665
 C. 195300
 D. 339625
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56.Average age of a team having 12 players is 23 years. If the age of the coach is also included, then the average age increases by 2 years. What is the age (in years) of the coach?
 A. 41
 B. 47
 C. 49
 D. 51
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57.An item is sold at two successive gains of 30% and 20%. If the final selling price is Rs 31200, then what is the cost price (in Rs)?
 A. 15000
 B. 20000
 C. 22250
 D. 24000
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58.The number of trees in a town is 17640. If the numbers of trees increases annually at the rate of 5%, then how many trees were there 2 years ago?
 A. 14000
 B. 15000
 C. 16000
 D. 19450
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59.Aman and Kapil starts from Delhi and Gwalior respectively towards each other at same time. They meet at Mathura and then take 196 minutes and 225 minutes respectively to reach Gwalior and Delhi. If speed of Aman is 30 km/hr, then what is the speed (in km/hr) of Kapil?
 A. 28
 B. 30
 C. 225/7
 D. 392/15
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60.The simple interest on a sum of money for 10 years is Rs 3130. If the principal becomes 5 times after 5 years, then what will be the total interest (in Rs) obtained after 10 years?
 A. 6260
 B. 7825
 C. 9390
 D. 15650
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