Aptitude Questions and Answers for SSC Exam 

Hello SSC aspirants, since you know that Quantitative Aptitude is an essential part of competitive exams so here we have composed a set of questions which are solved with detailed answer descriptions to help you score good numbers. This section is very scoring and it can prove to be the most important factor in your selection as an officer, so you need to prepare and practice more.

1.How many numbers, between 1 and 300 are divisible by 3 and 5 together?
 A. 16
 B. 18
 C. 20
 D. 100
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2.What is the smallest number which when increased by 5 is completely divisible by 8, 11 and 24?
 A. 255
 B. 259
 C. 264
 D. 269
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3.Rajan got married 8 years ago. His present age is 6/5 times his age at the time of his marriage. Rajan’s sister was 10 years younger to him at the time of his marriage. The age of Rajan’s sister is:
 A. 32 years
 B. 36 years
 C. 38 years
 D. 40 years
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4.A school has 4 section of Chemistry in Class X having 40, 35, 45 and 42 students. The mean marks obtained in Chemistry test are 50, 60, 55 and 45 respectively for the 4 sections. Determine the overall average of marks per student:
 A. 50.25
 B. 51.25
 C. 52.25
 D. 53.25
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5.If two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% of a third number, what is the percentage of the first number to the second?
 A. 10
 B. 20
 C. 30
 D. 40
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6.The price of a jewel, passing through three hands, rises on the whole by 65%. If the first and the second sellers earned 20% and 25% profit respectively, find the percentage profit earned by the third seller.
 A. 10%
 B. 20%
 C. 25%
 D. No gain or loss
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7.A sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 1008 in 2 years and Rs. 1164 in 3½ years. Find the rate % p.a.?
 A. 12 ½%
 B. 13%
 C. 14%
 D. 15%
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8.The dimensions of a rectangular room when increased by 4 metres are in the ratio of 4 : 3 and when decreased by 4 metres, are in the ratio of 2 : 1. The dimensions of the room are:
 A. 6 m and 4 m
 B. 12 m and 8 m
 C. 16 m and 12 m
 D. 24 m and 16 m
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