Indian History Notes & Study Material 

Indian History is an infinite subject and every aspiring candidate should build a basic understanding about the chronology of happenings. Preparing History can be bit challenging hence you need to prioritize certain areas as this section comprises major questions in SSC CGL, UPSC, Civil Service & other Exam. Prepadda has provided you with the best study plan for Indian History notes & study material so that your preparation comparatively becomes easier.

Sr. No.Topic
1Ancient India
2Rig Vedic Age
3Later Vedic Age
6Mauryan Empire
7Sangam Age
8Gupta Empire
9Vakatakas & Pushyabhuti Dynasty
10The Rajputs
11Other Important Dynasties
12Delhi Sultanate
13Vijayanagar Empire
14Mughal Empire
15Later Mughals
16Maratha Empire
17Europeans in India